For Veteran Gamers: 10 Reasons to Quit Knight Online and Move to Rise Online World

For Veteran Gamers: 10 Reasons to Quit Knight Online and Move to Rise Online World

It is not easy for a person to quit his habits, especially when nostalgia is involved, this situation becomes even more difficult. The same is true for MMORPGs as well. After spending thousands of hours in Knight Online, you will find it very difficult to look around and change the game in your hand. After all, you are used to this game once, why would you leave it? Well, what if you missed something because of this, what if another game offers you more fun? In today’s list, we’ll give veteran MMORPG players 10 reasons to switch to Rise Online World. Leave your habits aside, let’s move on to our list.

  1. Rise Online World is a much newer and always updated game.

Innovation and innovation are a valuable detail in MMORPGs. Questions such as how long the game was supported after its release, whether it still has a current gameplay, are of great value. From this point of view, Rise Online has a great advantage over other MMORPG games. Compared to Knight Online, which debuted in 2004, Rise Online is a much younger and newer game. This brings with it great advantages both visually and in terms of gameplay.

  1. Rise Online World was made by a local developer studio in Turkey.

One of the biggest pluses of Rise Online is that Metin2, Silkroad and Knight Online are, on the contrary, a local game developed in our country. Developers know Turkish players much better than anyone else, so they know exactly what they want in the games. That’s why you feel warm when you play the game, you feel familiar with the general structure of the game and the experience it gives. In addition, you feel privileged while playing because the primary focus of the game is Turkish players.

  1. Rise Online World allows you to turn entertainment into benefits with its crypto economy.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are getting popular day by day and are starting to take more place in our lives. Rise Online has already taken its place in this innovation process and established an NFT market. With the NFT system built into the game, you can earn crypto money and NFT for the hours you spend, and generate income by selling them.

  1. The things that can be done inside Rise Online World are almost unlimited compared to Knight Online.

Another benefit of being a new game is that you are much stronger in terms of content. Rise Online also offers you much more options for what you can do in it compared to Knight Online. Whether you’re a beginner or a player from Knight Online, the number of things you can do in Rise Online will blow your mind.

  1. Rise Online World is a unique combination of old and new MMORPG games.

Rise Online World both offers a game that you will not feel alienated from without breaking away from the game dynamics you are used to, and creates a magical game world that players can only experience in real life by following these current game trends. As you know, although building a Battle Point or developing the character and activating new skills creates a great excitement in the game, the Craft, Lucky events or Mount Race events offered by Rise Online offer different experiences to the players.

  1. The events brought save the game from monotony and add color.

Events and new missions are one of the most valuable factors that keep an MMORPG alive. Unfortunately, Knight Online, Silkroad and Metin2 are rather mediocre in this regard due to their age. On the other hand, Rise Online always tries to make the world of the game enjoyable by offering different activities for players to experience. With both periodic and independent events, it is tried to offer players extra content that they can constantly do.

  1. You won’t be a stranger when moving from Knight Online to Rise Online World.

Do you think that after spending years in Knight Online, you will switch to Rise Online and become unfamiliar and have to learn everything all over again? Don’t worry, because Rise Online is also an MMORPG, it has very similar mechanics to Knight Online in terms of structure. When you start this game, you will not feel cold and foreign, and you will warm up and grasp in a short time.

  1. Rise Online World offers even more variety in character creation.

While the old MMORPG games have race and gender termination in terms of classes, this is not the case in Rise Online. You can play any class you want, in any race and gender, and you can create the character that suits you best in terms of gameplay and appearance. Since you will spend hundreds of hours in front of you with this character, it is of great importance to have an option that fits your heart and fully reflects you.

  1. Unlike old MMORPG games that have lost their popularity, Rise Online World has a more and more active audience that is growing and expanding.

In MMORPGs, player count and audience mean everything. The effectiveness of the game and the number of players in it are very valuable in terms of attracting new players and continuing to exist. While Knight Online, Metin2 and Silkroad are losing their popularity due to its age, Rise Online continues to become more and more popular. This means that players who are looking for a new MMORPG, especially those who are new to this world, prefer Rise Online over Knight Online.

  1. Rise Online World offers you E-Sports events that you can participate in and a large community where you can take part.

Unlike nostalgic MMORPG games, Rise Online is not just about the time you spend in front of the computer. Rise Online, which also finds its place in game festivals, offers you a much more real and enthusiastic revel with the events and tournaments held. The Rise Online World group, which has met its audience at fairs such as Gaming Istanbul, GameX and Estanbul Gaming, aims to create a revolution in online E-Sports tournaments with its new studio.

In addition, with its ever-growing Discord cluster, publisher network and content producers, it continues to always remain present and contribute to its players in the dynamic game world.

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