Cats and the Other Lives – Review

Cats and the Other Lives – Review

What does life look like through the eyes of a cat? I mean, think about it, something giant puts you in a closed space, no object is familiar, you occasionally watch a bird (from our point of view, a flying hamburger) or something, but you are not allowed to hold it, it feeds you, loves you, gets angry from time to time, but then forgets it right away…

Here, Cats and the Other Lives, which we play through the eyes of a cat, has a gameplay philosophy close to this idea. How can we uncover a story, limited to what only a cat can do?

Our biggest fear: Turning into our hated parents…

When Bernard, the father of the wealthy and influential Masonic family, passes away, the dispersed members of the family come together for the funeral. Of course, there are secrets Bernard has kept from his family, a mansion that no one can afford alone, and, as one would expect from a Cultic Games game, supernatural powers.

It’s a really weird feeling to walk around as a cat in a family that has a lot of trouble at a time like this. On the one hand, all family members have a problem. While some said not to be indifferent like his father, he turned 180 degrees and turned into the most controlling mother in the world. While some are trying to follow her dreams, she is crushed under the difficulty of making those dreams come true. An adoption that could never be included in the family, cheating, lying…

And we, as Aspen, a chubby yellow cat, wander around the house from right to left.

Those who forget their troubles when they see Aspen, those who squeal and complain, “Aspen, get out of the way”; Being a house cat is troublesome work. Especially in a house like this.


When I said you were limited to what only a cat could do, I meant it seriously. So you can get under the seats, climb the shelves, do some cunning and run out of the house. But if you run out, for example, you won’t be able to reach the bedroom with a fast travel or something.

On the other hand, you cannot open doors and windows by yourself. Someone has to open it for you.

At this point, playing the game by following people is quite a different mechanic. Yes, there are puzzles, but the actions you can still do are cat actions. You will be doing the head execution part. (There are also hints if you want.) And of course, different signs in the game tell you where you should go. Either you use your senses of hearing and smell as a cat, or you are hungry or you have to go to the food bowl. Somehow you find yourself where you need to be.

Subject modeling as a cat

Although I love Cats and the Other Lives very much, there are some things that caught my eye, of course, it is possible that these sinkings are due to the fact that I played in a hurry to write a review.

But the fact that we are witnessing the events as a cat causes us to run from cinematic to cinematic, especially in the second episode. Then there are the puzzles that feel like they’ve been mixed in for the sake of puzzles. And here’s the buffoonery we need to do to get Will guarding the door away from there, they pale in comparison to puzzles like putting a baby to sleep or taking a clue we heard in one place and uncovering the hidden object in the other.

Despite these minor shortcomings, Cats and the Other Lives manages to be a very enjoyable, interesting and compact game. Definitely one of the independent domestic productions that should be experienced this year.

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