10 Winter Special Crypto Games That Will Warm Your Heart While Playing

10 Winter Special Crypto Games That Will Warm Your Heart While Playing

Winter has come and we are entering a period where we will spend more time in our houses. Meteorologists say we will enter 2023 with an icy “La Niña” winter. Since we are going to spend more time in our homes, we have compiled ten blockchain games for you from Spintop Gamepedia, where you can both have fun and benefit while you are playing, so that you can better evaluate the time you spend in your home.

Here is our list of games that will create a hot chocolate effect in your body while playing!

1.Benji Bananas

At the top of our list is the popular game of recent times, Benji Bananas. This game will embrace you with its tropical atmosphere in the middle of winter, and it also has the ideal gameplay formula for a blockchain game. It’s pretty effortless to start playing and winning the game; All you need to start earning in the game is one NFT Membership Pass (think of it as a one-time entry price).

The game is literally easy to play and difficult to master. Benji Bananas is a running game; that is, if you are going to go as far as you can by moving in one direction and overcoming the bumps with your monkey character you control, and if you are going to collect the bananas that come your way. During the chapters, there are also small missions that you can participate in if you wish. These missions are; Completing it like “survive this far” or “swing this far” is enjoyable and gives you extra rewards in return.

In this game, you can earn PRIMATE tokens, which you can use to purchase power-ups or in-game cosmetic artifacts that will allow you to earn more rewards. You can earn profit by converting the earned PRIMATE tokens to APE tokens and selling them on crypto exchanges.

  1. War Riders

Get ready to be scalded in angry deserts! Set in a Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic world, War Riders will warm you up with its atmosphere and the adrenaline you will experience. War Riders is a car war game. You will go on a Benzene hunt with your car in a world covered with extinct deserts. BNZ, the Benzene token, is both the game’s currency and one of the in-game resources. In order to use the BNZ tokens you have collected, you need to return to your garage intact. With these tokens, you can equip and customize your car with dozens of different types of weapons and even buy new vehicles. Let’s add that all the items and vehicles in the game are NFT.

Players are free to hunt for BNZ if they want, or seize their loot by ambushing and destroying players who are trying to collect BNZ and return to their garages. So, what tactic you follow to win is entirely up to you. If you want to survive longer, you can rent the garages of other players on the map and remove your tokens from these locations. You can sell your benzene tokens on crypto exchanges or spend them on powering up in-game, making it easier to earn more in the long run.

  1. MetaSpets

MetaSpets; Animal development game with a green atmosphere, like Axie Infinity. The animals in this game are warriors who have gained consciousness compared to the animals we know. You can grow and improve animals hatched from ordinary and golden eggs that you buy on MetaSpets, and take part in fights against artificial intelligence and human opponents.

In addition to the fact that each animal in the game is NFT, they all have different characteristics. Animal hatching from an egg; While we may have a herbivorous, hoofed friend, a carnivorous, fox-like animal may emerge from another egg. These creatures become stronger if they are fed taking into account their nutritional state. According to their types, the abilities they can use in battles, their life pools, attack and defense points also vary. If you want to see a little more green than deserts in winter, MetaSpets is for you. You can spend MSP, the local token of the game, in-game, or you can deposit it into the pool and earn passive income.

  1. The ocean

Get ready to be thrown into the middle of a civil war in the middle of bugs! When the usual subject is insects, the theme is greenery and bugs, which will take you out of the dark atmosphere of winter.

Our next game, Ookeenga, is truly a special game; In addition to strategy elements, it is a game that includes an NFT card collection and small game types such as tower defense. While Ookeenga offers many different ways to generate income, it also immerses you in a cosmos with a story.

The insect breeds you command in Ookeenga are inspired by real-life insects; There are many different units available in the game, from moth clusters that fight in the air and do damage from afar, swarms of ants that defeat the enemy with their numbers, and thick-skinned insects that are on the front lines and serve as tanks. Each limb (sensors, tentacles and antennae) of hero bugs with NFT can be customized. You can determine your own strategy and tactics with your insects with different characteristics and fighting styles, with different abilities. With deep customization options, Ookeenga has a secure developer group behind it, and new content is always added to the game. An enjoyable game in accordance with the concept of “play to win” in winter.

  1. Genso Kishi Online

GensoKishi Online, with its colorful and pastel world, is a huge MMORPG with so much content that you won’t want to step out of the house. A metaverse ported to the award-winning Nintendo Switch and PS4 game, Elemental Knights. If you’re tired of old-school MMOs and are looking for something to gain while playing, you can lose yourself in this large-scale game.

GensoKishi will soon begin rolling out features that will allow users to create their own mini universes, missions, and stories within the game, alongside MMO mechanics such as classic resource gathering, joining raids, fighting against AI or each other. In this metaverse, it is even possible for players to marry each other. If you are looking for an MMORPG that will make you an excuse not to leave your home in winter, then GensoKishi is for you.

  1. Trivians

“Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” in front of the TV. If you think that playing the information question game on the phone is an adequate idea in today’s time when watching has become nostalgic, Trivians will come to you for medicine these winter days. If you’re one of those people who prefer to lie on the couch and stare at the phone rather than spend time in front of the computer, Trivians may entice you with its large-scale world of quizzes.

Turkish and other languages ​​are also available in this game, which has a huge question pool with over 100,000 questions. At the same time, there are also wonderfully competitive, enjoyable game modes such as Trivia Royale (PUBG’s knowledge question version), where the last one wins and the ones who answer the questions wrong are eliminated one by one. You can strive for the leaderboards, play one-on-one matches with your friends and show off what you know, while doing all of these as usual, you can increase your interest by getting NFTs that you can use in the game, and you can also gain profit by selling the TRIVIA tokens you have earned.

  1. BovineVerse

Next up is a game full of green and herbivorous friends again! In BovineVerse, you can go on adventures, socialize and earn income with cow and bull-derived NFT animal characters. For now, Interstellar Rangeland, the first game of the BovineVerse cosmos, has been released. In this fusion of strategy and action RPG, you can raise your own animals, fight with other players or artificial intelligence and earn BVG and BVT tokens by improving your farms.

  1. TaleCraft

TaleCraft is a new NFT card and board game. What makes TaleCraft special is not that the matches are more exciting or more tactical than similar games, but that it has a unique NFT card generation mechanic. You determine the characteristics of all the cards in the game; You can create cards with special attack, defense and reinforcement powers by bringing together the different elements you have won or purchased in the game.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the game is to win the competition with the cards you produce, rather than to produce a new strategy with the cards that everyone has. If you like card or board games, this game is sure to keep you hooked all winter long.

  1. League of Kingdoms

We continue our list with League of Kingdoms, the acclaimed blockchain strategy game set in a lush world and surprisingly deep. In addition to PvE and PvP mechanics, the game is a kind of Combo of Stronghold, Total War, Age of Empires and Clash of Clans.

In addition to being responsible for castles in League of Kingdoms that you can build, develop, and manage, you can dominate a huge kingdom, or even an empire, of these castles. Farm, barracks, gold mine, quarry, timber camp, etc. in your castles. You can build many structures, create synergies with different units, form armies, and fight against other players or artificial intelligence.

You are also responsible for the technological developments of the kingdom you rule; To develop new technologies in warfare and production, you can establish an academy and use your alliances’ research institute to access previously researched existing technologies more quickly. Additionally, you can go on monster hunts or form diplomatic ties with other players.

LoK is a game with a large player base that has succeeded in creating a successful world. If you are looking for a large-scale and deep strategy game that will not keep you off the table in winter, we can say that League of Kingdoms has made the concept of “play to win” (P2E) much more fun than a strategy game.

  1. Step App

In winter, we can say that this is the game that will warm you the most due to its mechanics. But this time forget about the comfort of your home. It’s time to don your underwear and put on your windbreakers and berets! Step App is a FitFi, that is, a game of winning by moving, in which Guinness Record Holder Usain Bolt is also the face of the advertisement. Step App allows players to earn crypto tokens from training activities such as walking, running. It’s very easy for players to start playing and earning money; downloading the app on their portable device, signing in with their wallet and owning an NFT sneaker.

With the combination of NFTs and geoposition technology, players can train and earn income at the same time. The game includes competitive activities as well as training activities. You can leave the residence and enter a running race against your friend or other players and earn KCAL tokens at the same time.

We hope our list will give you the effect of hot chocolate or a fireplace! In advance, we wish all our readers suitable games!

If you want to know about many more games like this one, visit Spintop Gamepedia to access over 375 game reviews and 26 game guides. If you want to learn more about the concept of “play to win”, Spintop Academy is for you!

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